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How do you feel about landlords that require you to fill out an app prior to seeing the rental property? My daughter is a CO, has a perfect rental history, and a very high credit score. We ran into this while she looks for a rental.
“How do you feel about landlords that require you to fill out an app prior to seeing the rental property? My daughter is a CO, has a perfect rental history, and a very high credit score. We ran into this while she looks for a rental.”I have a certain sympathy for landlords. It isn’t an easy way to make a living. You have huge capital tied up in immobile investments. One destructive tenant can wipe out the profits from 20 good ones.If you want a landlord who will show the property without asking questions until and unless you show an interest, you can probably find that. We had that when we rented our first apartment after retiring and selling our house (Liberty Lake Apts in Boise ID - great place BTW, we recommend them). The nice office lady showed us around the complex, and let us inside an empty unit just like the one we eventually rented. (That empty unit was already promised to someone else, the one we eventually rented was still occupied). Then we went back to the office and filled out applications.But anyways, it all comes down to supply and demand in a free market. If you want a landlord who asks no questions, you can find one. Probably a “slumlord” who doesn’t maintain the property and has lots of anti-social, destructive tenants who would make dangerous neighbors. If there is a glut of housing in your market, you can find landlords who bend over backwards to court you. If there is a housing shortage, you have to play by the landlords• rules.
How long does it take for a wind farm to get out of "carbon debt"?
Modern wind turbines take about three months to get completely out of "carbon debt", as the question puts it. This is according to ISO standard full lifecycle cost accounting, independently assessed.However, fossil generation starts in carbon debt and just sinks. There might be a few days the beginning when a fossil generation plant is 'better' than wind generation, but the tradeoff is very rapid.For full information on this subject, please see this material:Wind turbines pay back total environmental 'debt' in under six monthsWind energy reduces green house gas emissionsHow much backup does a wind farm require? How does that compare to conventional generation?
How long does it take for discarded clothing to decompose in land fills?
Q: “How long does it take for discarded clothing to decompose in land fills?”Clothing can be fabricated from natural, regenerated, and/or synthetic fibers or a blend of them. These fibers have very different chemical structures, which is the most important factor on chemical reactions of materials, including degradation and decomposition. Another factor is the environmental conditions of the landfill, such as temperature, sunlight and other radiations, moisture, and presence of biological species.For instance, a chemically untreated woolen clothing (biodegradable) may decompose in a relatively short time in a warm land rich in biological agents and moisture. Whereas, a clothing or carpet made of polypropylene (PP) fibers (very stable) may stay in landfill for many decades, even centuries.So, some clothing may decompose in few years and some leave in landfill stable for centuries, depending on the materials of the fabric and environmental conditions. We cannot give exact, even approximate, time for decomposing clothing in landfills. There are some accelerate aging and weathering examinations methods and facilities in the laboratory that help to evaluate the aging behavior of a product, such as clothing.Thanks for request to answer.~ SD
Does filling out a FAFSA form (if your family isn't likely to qualify for sizable cash aid) help or hurt your chances?
FAFSA is neutral for admission purposes. FAFSA allows any student to take a student loan and parents to take a Plus loan if they need/want. This is one reason people fill FAFSA even if they think they won’t get grant aid. What you might be thinking of is the application, where you have to check if you are applying for aid.Another reason to submit is if you want to be considered for aid from the school. Most schools don’t care if you ask because they are need blind. They will run the numbers and offer you aid if you have need and if they want to give it to you. Some won’t give it even if you have need because they only give it to the top students. Now a few schools are ‘need aware• and they will consider how much you need before they feel they can admit you. If you don’t need a whole lot, it isn’t likely to affect you.So understand the policy of the school. You should probably file it and check yes for aid if there is any chance that you will get something. Even small helps. Run the Net Price Calculator to get an estimate. A few schools also require a FAFSA before they will give you a merit scholarship (most don’t), so read the policies on the scholarships pages/financial aid pages.
Is farming on railway line with sewage water to produce vegetables legal in Mumbai? Does railway offer such land for farming? How can I get railway’s unused land for farming with sewage water?
What delightful vegetables you will produce. You get sewerage from the trains, and then you put contaminated water on them. Which do you want first? Cholera, typhoid or would you just settle for food poisioning??
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