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Who convinced John F. Kennedy that it would be possible to land somebody on the moon before the end of the 1960's before he made his famous challenge before Congress?
Q: Who convinced John F. Kennedy that it would be possible to land somebody on the moon before the end of the 1960's before he made his famous challenge before Congress?I’m afraid you’ve got it all backwards. It was Kennedy who convinced the nation.In the wake of Sputnik, Kennedy asked NASA’s new director, Bob Gilruth, if landing on the moon was something we could accomplish, yet something far enough down the road that we had time to get behind it and push ahead of the Russians.Gilruth knew we could land on the moon. No one who understood the science of the time could have doubted it. He answered Kennedy in the affirmative, but never discussed how long it might take.When on May 25th, 1961, Kennedy announced to Congress and the world that the nation should commit itself to “achieving the goal, before this decade is out, of landing a man on the Moon and returning him safely to Earth,” Gilruth was, he said later, aghast adding, “ I wasn’t at all sure it could be done.” To fill the vast technical gap between Mercury and what he knew still stood between us and a moon landing, he immediately set in motion what became Project Gemini, the now little celebrated stepping stone that worked through all the principle unknowns, and on a budget and schedule that made the president’s challenge possible.We could not have landed on the moon in 1969 without Bob Gilruth, but we would never have tried without Kennedy.
What are the biggest inefficiencies in the insurance industry?
Where to start.First, the insurance industry is going through a major upgrade where a lot of the past inefficiencies are being solved and ironed out.There are inefficiencies at various stages of the insurance process. I will discuss two of the major ones:DistributionWhen you buy insurance, there are three main ways to buyGo to a lead generator online that shows you multiple quotes and then sells your information to insurance agents.The Problem: no one likes being cold called and having their information sold for a profit. You have to finish up your buying process over the phone and are often tossed around between lead generator, insurance agent, and insurance carrier. An example of a lead generator is EverQuote. This is the worst experience for the customer.Go directly to a carrier website and fill out one application and get their quoted price.The Problem: First, the carrier you go to may not be a good fit and just outright deny you a quote after all your work. Second, if you want to check prices on 5 different carriers, you have to fill out five applications. This leads to entering a lot of information five times. You also don’t really have an easy way to compare what is offered in the policy and how the coverage in the five policies compare.Go directly to a brick & mortar independent insurance agency, speak with one of their agents in person or over the phone, and fill out one application and get many prices.The Problem: you may have to visit a physical office. Only open during business hours 9–5 M-F. You have to make one/multiple phone calls. That being said, this is your best option out of the three listed, because you get an experienced professional looking at what you need and shopping not just on price, but quality and value of your policy.I’m trying to create a fourth option to make the insurance buying process more efficient. My goal is to make insurance shopping as easy as buying a plane ticket:What if there was an online insurance agency that allowed you to fill out one simple form online, you submit, and they do the shopping for you with multiple carriers, never sell your information, and send you multiple insurance packages to compare from multiple carriers all crafted for your specific needs. I work only online, email, text, and chat. No picking up the phone, no going to an actual building, and no “only open M-F 9–5”. Of course you can still call or come visit us if you want to, but we realize that is a less efficient shopping process.Now on to another inefficient area of insurance…Inspection & ClaimsInspection and claims is another part of the process that is extremely expensive and inefficient, but it is harder to solve without increasing fraud. Keep in mind that around 10% of claims paid out by insurance companies are fraudulent, so you often need an experienced professional to do the inspection during the initial application of the policy and during the claims process. This is inefficient because it requires scheduling a time, having a person physically drive out to the location of the property, and spend an hour looking at the place and writing a report. This person is expensive.This process is being improved by technology in ways such as using google maps, drone imaging, and even asking the customer to take video and photos of the damage or property to be covered. However, it still has a long way to go before it is anywhere near automated.
What is the most "F-ck This I'm out" moment of your relationship?
What is the most "F-ck This I'm out" moment of your relationship?2 words. Thats all it took.I was young and in a relationship with a great woman, smart, funny, honest and attractive. She had started teacher training during our relationship - not a biggie really, but, after graduation I had noticed that she seemed to be subtly ‘changing• into a ‘schoolteacher’.I had been a salesman prior to our relationship - in sales school (there is such a thing) we had been taught that there are 3 kinds of people - “Men, Women and Teachers”.I had the interesting experience of trying to sell to a number of teachers and, yes, they were different, they were truly the most difficult to close a deal with. Not bad, just different. You will know it if you have seen it.But, I digress, enough background. Back to my story.I was renovating a house. I had taken the step of rounding up mates to help me - they were in various stages of unemployment/uni holidays/single maleness that only leads to fun (or injury). We were on a mission to finish this renovation hell or high water.I wasn’t paying them - but I was providing food (mostly pizza and fish and chips) and liberal alcohol in lieu of wages.I remember that renovation as one of the most fun times, ever…Just blokes being blokes and having a blast.One problem, my girlfriend was not enjoying us painting/wallpapering/tiling and drinking until the early hours. I can understand now why she would have been annoyed - but just then I didn’t, I was too young.We were enjoying ourselves though, and the job was going at a blistering pace (wobbly looking renovation though. I think it was the alcohol).One day - me and ‘the boys• were sitting on the floor in the lounge at ‘sparrow fart• in the morning - having our morning coffee. Blearily trying to wake ourselves and gird our loins for another day of hard graft (to be followed by the evening beers as per usual).Suddenly my girlfriend appeared at the door, looking very stern.She said “Brian! Outside!” then spun on her heel and went outside…I sat still and saw my friends stunned faces turn towards me, eyebrows lifted….they didn’t say a word.I went outside - I can’t for the life of me remember what it was about.But what I never forgot was those two words, how they were said, and the looks on my friends faces. What did it mean for my future? It didn’t look good from my perspective. Did I really want to spend my life being ordered around like a naughty schoolboy?I did not.I ended the relationship within a few weeks, I messed up the split, made a total hash of it and I still regret how badly it went. She really didn’t deserve that.I never said to her it was because of those two words. It seems silly really. But that, for me, was the beginning of the end of the relationship.
What is the most embarrassing thing you have done while under the influence of alcohol or drugs?
Wow... A lot to choose from. I'll go with one that I don't often share with people though. At least, I don't share the ENTIRE story with everyone.Shortly after getting out of the army I was really out of control. This was a point when I was still denying that I had a problem, still had some money and was still being prescribed hundreds of oxycontins (the real ones) and oxycodones every month. And I was partying and going nuts because if I wasn't high, not only did I hurt physically but, reality caught up to me quickly.One day I was house sitting for my parents when they were out of town. I called and asked if I could BBQ and have a couple friends over. Sure, no problem.Well, I slammed a couple beers, railed a few oxycontins, slammed some more beers, railed some more oxycontins and don't remember the rest of the night.My friends filled me in the next day.I punched out one of the windows in the house for no apparent reason. I hit on my friends little sister. I started body slamming people for fun and when several of my friends decided it may be a good idea to just knock me out for the rest of the night, for my safety and everyone elses, they forgot to take into account that I just got out of the army and was still in great shape and all the extra training I had in hand to hand stuff because of who I worked with. And the fact I was on so much painkillers that I was not feeling any pain. So eventually they stopped and just left me alone.Then I got the guns out. I shot all kinds of things in the back yard and back field. Thankfully, my parents live way out in the country surrounded by woods. But, I shot in half several trees. Shot holes in some decorative things. Shot the legs off a swing set. It's fortunate that I didn't hurt or kill anyone.I also smashed several pictures in the house. I'm sure that's from some deep seeded resentment somewhere. I don't know.I then got naked and ran around the house, or rather crawled I guess and tried to hump everything. Everything from the floor to the doors.Of all of that, I only remember drinking a beer at the beginning of the night and railing a couple oxycontins.The next thing I remember was what embarrassed me the most until I heard the rest of the stories years later. I woke up face down on the kitchen floor in one of the largest piles of vomit I've ever seen and an even larger pile of diarrhea all over the kitchen floor.I crawled to the bathtub, hungover and still a little drunk and ran a bath and laid in my own filth. Then I heard the voice of a girl I'd had a crush on since kindergarten. She had heard what happened and stopped by to check on me. Yeah, she saw the kitchen. Then me in the tub in my own filth. No blaming the dog there. I deserved every bit of shame I felt.Many may see that incident as a wake up call. Nope. I saw it as one more thing to burry. I just lost control is all. Just need to limit myself a little better. Cut back on the alcohol. Even my friends begging me to get help didn't do it.Help for what? I didn't have a problem....Hindsight is 20/20 as they say. I can tell these stories now in hopes that others may read them and avoid my mistakes. Learn from them.Hope everyone is doing well! Take care!
Why are most of the IT engineers frustrated in their life?
I generally like surfing Quora when I feel sufficiently sluggish to do any of my pending work. As I am a software engineer, my mouse stop scrolling over when I saw question ” Why are most of the people in the software industry unhappy with their lives?”. Below that there was answer from Jitender S Bhatia:-He wants to write code. But is assigned to bug fixing.His cousins think he is a Scientist. In reality his work is often clerical.He floats to office. After 2 hour trek through traffic.He hides his office badge. When hailing a auto • to avoid software engineer tax.His relatives think he sits in a fancy cabin. A small cubicle is the reality.He has an Engineering degree. Now stuck in a WHILE loop.[ALSO READ :- As a software engineer, what’s the best skill set to have for the next 5-10 years?]His best friend works on Big Data. He is struggling with Core Java.His childhood friend lives at Riverfront, Florida, USA. He lives near Silkboard Junction, Next to XYZ Bakery.He appears for interviews. To find his stagnant market value.He pays 30% surcharge on house rent. Because landlord suspects he earns a lot.His mother asks him over phone if he had dinner. He says Yes. And then boils Maggi.When his neighbour’s kid calls him Uncle. He goes deaf.[]He finds difficulty in completing his mandatory working hours.He has a friend circle which he calls “lunch buddies”.His life is all about swipes, sometimes he even look for a radical machine in washroom for swiping his access card.Idea of startup was always in his back head, which he dreams to execute, but never gather that much courage to take initiative.Writing blogs for inner satisfaction and waiting for people to click ads on his blog to earn some “paise” and not even rupee.As the last pointer says about blog, you can also read my blog for related geek questions.ALSO READ :- As a software engineer, what’s the best skill set to have for the next 5-10 years?ALSO READ :- As a software engineer, what’s the best skill set to have for the next 5-10 years?I write about what was the first google doodle?Microsoft has murdered Ms-Paintfog computing? Is it exist?
How would college professors react if a student's mom called to complain about the grade given to her son/daughter?
I’ve had three run-ins with parents about a student’s grade.Two of them were on the phone, where once the parent ran out of steam complaining about my grading system and performance, I said that I was not able to discuss current or past enrollment in my classes because of FERPA, and gave the name of my supervisor if they wanted more information. One hung up on me, and I hung up on the other one (after being called some very strange names. “Boneheaded number-lover” is not the worst swear I’ve ever heard).One of these students was 16 - a high-schooler taking a college course - and I’ve heard many different things about the student’s legal rights to privacy in this case. But I figure better safe than sorry, and I never heard back from my boss about any escalation, so I think I did the right thing.The third was a mom who came in with her daughter, where the daughter failed my class because of cheating. Sometimes I give multiple versions of the final with similar questions - just the numbers changed - and this student, on three questions, did the work with the numbers not on HER exam, but the exam of the student next to her. I kept copies of both the exam in question and the one of the student who was cheated from, kept my cool in the face of momma-bear aggression, and agreed with the mom when she said that her daughter was not the kind of person who would cheat, adding that I was quite surprised too.I heard through the grapevine that this Mom took her complaints, eventually, to the college president, and I heard from the secretary that the Prez told her “Now stop wasting our time”, so I think everything turned out well on our end.
How do I fill my schedule without burning myself out?
Have certain weekly events scheduled on certain days. Wednesdays, I have a meeting with my support group at church. Every other Monday, I go out to dinner with my dad. Thursdays I go visit my dad. Have certain days free in case something comes up, but scheduling events on specific days that repeat- or even having certain days be activity days- is definitely an excellent method.
What's something that sucks about being a software engineer?
Business Unit: We need you to build this thing by the end of Q1, next month.Engineer: I see• what is it that we’re building?BU: It needs to read documents into the systemE: What documents? Like hard copy documents?BU: We don’t know, but it needs to be done by next month.E: I’m going to need more information. Who is asking for this? Is there someone I can sit down with to figure out the details? What problem am I trying to solve?BU: I’ve already solved the problem, I just need you to build it. You’re the programmer, just get it done. E: We’ll see what we can do, but I really do need more details. BU: I just told you. Read the documents into the system, simple. Get it done.E: (Buys a scanner and sets it to read documents to PDF and send to some random person)BU: WTF is this?E: It reads documents and emails it so that it’s available in our email systemBU: That’s not what I asked for!E: …(finally agrees to a sit down for a few days in a requirements gathering sessions)(turns out they were really asking for us to build a search engine with Google-like functionality)E: We can’t just build google in a month• but we can probably enable PDF search to help this.BU: Just get it done(it’s now 1 week from due date)(PDF search was enabled and documents are now scannable and searchable)BU: Why doesn’t this work on my cellphone?E: What?BU: I need to be able to scan documents on my cellphoneE: In 12 hours of requirements gatherings, you didn’t ask for thatBU: I shouldn’t have to, that’s why I pay you. You should know these things.E: Ok but we’re going to have to build an entire phone app now. iPhone? Android? BU: Ok. We still need it by next week.E: We’re probably not going to be able to pull that off in a week…BU: Then we’ll find someone who canE: Ugh• lemme see what I can do(just happens to know Xamarin and spends the weekend building a super simple scanning app for both iPhone and Android)BU: Wait• do I have to take a picture of every page to scan it in with my phone?E: Erm• what did you think you would have to do?BU: I don’t know, but this is unacceptable and this was due today!E: *puzzled*BU: I need to hire better programmers.E: You need to hire a product manager.BU: I am an executive officer, I AM the product manager.E: /quit
How do I schedule a US visa interview of two people together after filling out a DS160 form?
Here is a link that might help answer your question DS-160: Frequently Asked QuestionsFor more information on this and similar matters, please call me direct: 650.424.1902Email: heller@hellerimmigration.comHeller Immigration Law Group | Silicon Valley Immigration Attorneys
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