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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing Is farm rent earned income

Instructions and Help about Is farm rent earned income

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How can I rent out my car to earn extra income?
I do not know which city you live in. I am from chennai and i am giving an example of my friend who tried it out twice.1. He purchased an indica and rented it out to a bank. The bank had a pool of drivers and so only paid rental of the car. The bank only paid for the rental and any maintenance of the car including major repairs were to be borne by the owner. Of course there was a stipulation to which the car can be used namely the number of kilometres the car can be driven in a month. He told me he made an approximate profit of Rs 4000 in a month after all expenses including emi of the car and other costs. 2. He rented out another car with a driver to a call taxi company . Now the salary cost of the driver was also added . However the earnings used to vary as it was not a fixed earnings and varied from day to day. After running the car for nearly a year he found he made only a marginal profit of Rs 4000 to 5000 a month.Later he told me that it was not worth the trouble and sold off the cars.The price he paid for the car in the year 2022 was around 4 lakhs. Now you can take a callThanks for A2A
What kind of ITR is to be filled out for someone who has income from house property and taxi rent?
You may fill form no2 as there is no business income for the reason that you have proprty income as well as rent of taxi. Both comes under 194 I if any tax deducted as the taxi rent is also come In the definition of machinery.
Am I supposed to report income which is earned outside of the US? I have to fill the 1040NR form.
If you are a US citizen, resident(?), or company based within the US or its territories, you are required by the IRS to give them a part of whatever you made. I'm not going to go into specifics, but as they say, "the only difference between a tax man and a taxidermist is that the taxidermist leaves the skin" -Mark Twain
Do you make more money on AirBnB than renting to individual?
Overall, I would say no!You would need an occupancy rate of 70% to pass the break even point when compared to long term hosting and not a high percentage of hosts have that sort of occupancy rate.Last year in the United States the average Airbnb nightly occupancy rate across the country was 11%! That means for every 100 hosts, 89 of them did not have a guest on any given night.Now that statistic may be a bit misleading because around 40% of hosts do not host nightly around the year, they are seasonal hosts. Some only host for specific events like, “The Superbowl• where they hope to make a killing. Many government jurisdictions only allow STR’s for 170 nights (or there about) per year.Airbnb is at the moment great if you own your property outright and wish to give yourself a bit of additional income. But to purchase a property with a mortgage and expect those astronomic figures that some rentals bring to come your way ignoring all the insecurities that come with being a short term rental host would be a shortcut to disaster.The trap most hosts fall into is they do not do a proper ‘profit & loss• and set the listing cost according to that profit and loss. They pluck a figure out of the air that sounds nice and they try to run with it! I have seen hosts who are actually in negative territory! It is costing them more to have a guest in their property than what they are getting!I know with my hosting I am making money because here is my current abbreviated profit & loss broadly taking into account all aspects of supplying and running this facility.I adjust my Base Price each year to reflect cost fluctuations and my endeavour is to ensure that my profit ratio is always above 60%. Although I don’t need this ratio, it’s nice to know I am making something out of it for the effort I put in….even if it’s only $65 per day!If all hosts did this, and did it honestly taking into account all their relevant costs, most would find they are actually loosing money. I have used this on some of the hosts in my area and shocked them with the results.My solid answer to you is, do not consider putting STR of a rental property over the security of long term renting. This could be the best advice you ever get!Cheers…..Rob
How is your income tax different if you live in your house vs. rent out your house (to have an extra income) and rent a place to live?
If you own a house and rent it for income, you must claim as income the net income from the property. You start with the rental income, then get to subtract certain expenses. Money you spend on repairs. Property taxes. If you have a mortgage, the interest on the mortgage (subject to some limits). There’s even a complicated process for claiming depreciation, although it will lower the cost basis of the house so that when you sell it you will owe more capital gains tax. Whatever is left counts as income that you have to pay tax on.As for your rent, well, you get no break for paying rent.If you own the house, and can make more in rent income after taxes on your house than you spend on rent in another place, then you are better off renting your house and living in the cheaper house. But it’s harder to do than it sounds. There will be times that the house is not rented because a tenant has moved out and you haven’t found a replacement.Usually the only way this makes sense is for people who own a larger house and don’t need as much space because their kids are grown.
Which ITR form to fill if income is from interest earned on FD only?
Editing the answer for AY 2019–20 (FY 2018–19)ITR 1 is the appropriate return to be filed if income earned by you is oñly interest income. Also, if your interest income during the financial year is below Rs.250,000 please ensure that you are getting a refund of the entire TDS deducted by the bank.ITR 1 for AY 2019–20 is applicable for individuals being a resident other than not ordinarily resident having income from salaries, one house property, other sources (interest etc.) and having total income upto Rs.50 lakh.Summary points to note for applicability of ITR 1 for AY 2019–20:Persons not falling in the above category will have to wait for ITR 2 or 3 based on their circumstance.Non-residents cannot file in ITR 1. They have to use ITR 2 or 3 based on their facts.ITR 1 is not applicable for an Individual who is either Director in a company or has invested in Unlisted Equity Shares.Since residents will still be awaiting Form 16 (generally issued by company latest by June 2018), those individuals who have only interest income on which TDS was deducted and wish to claim a refund of the TDS, can file ITR 1 right awayIn many cases, Form 26AS will not be updated for interest earning individuals, as the banks are yet to file their TDS returns. Hence, it is highly recommended to such individuals to wait till May 31 (last date for TDS returns filing).If you are however sure that no one will be deducting any TDS in your name, then you can file immediately.NIL returns can be filed immediatelyThe due date for filing ITR 1 for AY 2019–20 is July 31, 2022. Once the ITR is filed, it takes about 2 months for the refunds to credit, if any, provided there are no mistakes in the ITR and everything is disclosed correctly.Hope the above was useful. For further clarifications/ assistance please feel free to get in touch at aditi.bhardwaj@outlook.com.Best regards,Aditiaditi.bhardwaj@outlook.com
Is it worth it to buy a duplex and use a property management company to rent it out? Would I still earn income after paying them?
Good question. It is probably your most important analysis when buying a property.You have to do the math, run the numbers and see if the property pencils out.That is, take your expected rent and then subtract the mortgage, insurance, repairs, taxes, maintenance, future capital costs (like a roof or driveway), vacancy, management and more—then analyze whether it makes you money each month or pulls money from your pocket.You will have to use the numbers for this exact property (get the actual numbers or use your very best estimates).Frankly, if the management (say 10% of rent) puts you in the red, I would think it is not a viable duplex.Why? I would want it to pencil out with management fees included even if I DIY manage myself. This is because your time is valuable and the property is not really cash flowing positively if you subsidize with your efforts.But if it clearly will be a money maker, then you might want to investigate it more. Online sites like Bigger Pockets have lots of info on analyzing properties or books (like mine or Jay P. Decima’s, or many others) cover this topic).Best of luck!
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