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How do I report rental income and farm income that I got in India in my USA taxes?
I assume you are a resident alien or US Citizen.Rental income is reported on Schedule E.Farm income is reported on Schedule F.Because this is foreign income, you have more to deal with, including, possibly, a Fin Cen 114 form, and the foreign currency translation issue, the Indian tax issue, etc.I would strongly suggest that you engage the services of a CPA or EA to help you with these forms, insofar as they are not only complex, there are numerous sand traps and pot holes that can result in you paying far more in tax than you should . Please, don’t try this yourself!
For a resident alien individual having farm income in the home country, India, how to report the agricultural income in US income tax return? Does the form 1040 schedule F needs to be filled?
The answer is yes, it should be. Remember that you will receive a credit for any Indian taxes you pay.
How will income tax come to know about my rental income if I don't report it?
I assume you are asking about Income-tax department.Some more assumption to answer your question:You receive the rental income in your bank accountYou have entered into a rent agreement and your tenant claims HRA (House rent allowance) for the rent paid.In the above scenario, your tenant will have to report your PAN to the Income-tax department for claiming HRA in case rent per month exceeds INR 8,333. In that case the rent income would be recorded against your PAN.Just to add, we keep talking about giving it back to the society from where we take so much. Then why not to report the income, claim legitimate tax benefits and pay the required tax? Trust me, you ‘ll be able to sleep at night peacefully !Hope the above helps.
As a new Construction Manager, when is the best time to fill out a daily report?
I agree with Tremain Roseman, dailies should be completed by the super or foreman in the field, not the construction manager.However, when it comes to the time that you should be filling out the daily report, I’d say “as it happens.” Newer daily reporting apps, such as Raken, allow you to complete your dailies throughout the day instead of waiting for the end of the day. Filling out dailies as the events happen onsite improve the overall accuracy of your report, since you don’t have to recall everything that happened at the end of the day.For instance, if a safety incident happens in the morning, pull out your phone and write down all the details right there and then. Finish one aspect of the project? Snap a picture in the app and it will be automatically added to the daily. Then, at the end of the day, all you need to do is review the report and sign.Accurate dailies are critical to protecting your firm from potential litigation. Another benefit of using daily reporting software is that it will actually save you time. For example, Raken automatically captures weather on your daily report three times a day, has a voice-to-text feature so you can take notes as you walk the jobsite, and automatically syncs with the office so you’re no longer dealing with paper dailies.
Am I supposed to report income which is earned outside of the US? I have to fill the 1040NR form.
If you are a US citizen, resident(?), or company based within the US or its territories, you are required by the IRS to give them a part of whatever you made. I'm not going to go into specifics, but as they say, "the only difference between a tax man and a taxidermist is that the taxidermist leaves the skin" -Mark Twain
How will the income tax department come to know about my rental income if I don't report it on my ITR?
Many people who do not understand how Income tax department works, keep asking such questions. It’s very common for people to think that if they don’t report their undocumented income or don’t file their taxes, there is no way the department will know about the existence of their income. Wrong.Tax department has access to data. Lots of it. And they have their ways of finding out people who are not paying the right amount of taxes.Don’t get me wrong, there are thousands of people who are not paying proper taxes and constantly getting away with it. But there are also thousands who keep getting caught and end up losing their life’s savings in penalties. Some businesses close down and people go bankrupt trying to pay off the penalties and outstanding taxes. The risk is simply not worth it. It is much better to pay the taxes and contribute to the country’s growth than looking for ways to evade taxes.Alright, so how would the tax department know about your rental income?Does your tenant claim HRA on his returns by putting your PAN? No? Keep reading.Do you receive rent in your bank account which is linked to PAN? No? Keep reading.Do you have money in your bank account which you don’t withdraw because all your expenses are being taken care of by your rental income? It is enough to raise a red flag, too few withdrawals for expenses mean you have cash based income you are not disclosing. Not the case? Read onDid you buy a car/house for which you took a loan? Without having sufficient (reported) income to support the down-payment for that asset? How did you manage to purchase the asset?Do you have high amount of expenses on your credit card for which you are paying bill in cash? Where is the cash coming from?Did you just go on a foreign trip? Exchanged some forex? Did you quote your PAN anywhere?Did you buy jewellery where you had to quote your PAN?These are just some examples. You can get caught in many ways based on your financial activity.Once a scrutiny assessment is started, if any fraud or under-reporting of income is detected, your assessments can be reopened for the last 8 financial years. Any unpaid tax will attract interest and penalties which will surpass the income itself.Please note that tax evasion is a crime. Reporting a slightly lower income is so common that it’s not even considered unethical by people. But in the eyes of law, it is a criminal offence and you can be prosecuted for it, if caught.So weigh your risk and rewards, take a call accordingly. Being in the right side of the law is always preferable.Update 28/07/2022 - Just read this article which gives a lot of insights into what the future holds: Instagram Posts Will Soon Help Sniff Out Tax Evaders in India
What is the best way to fill out the Adult Function report for SSI when filing for anxiety disorder?
The best way to fill out the Adult Function report for SSI is honestly and thoroughly. When Social Security makes a determination on someone’s benefits, effectively saying if they are disabled and unable to work or not disabled and able to work, they look at the whole picture.For example, if you are applying for SSI because you have Schizophrenia, you should also put down any other conditions and how they affect you. If you also have back pain, diabetes, or whatever- put it down.You should also really evaluate the extent of your limitations in each of the categories listed and the frequency that you’re able to complete them. That is why it’s important to list everything. Saying that you have Schizophrenia, so you can’t lift 20 pounds multiple times for 10 minutes before a break may not make any sense to Social Security. However, adding that you have back pain in addition to Schizophrenia does.All of these conditions do compile and may meet the threshold for what Social Security deems allowable for benefits. Remember also that SSI will send the same report to someone close to you. They also will report your conditions and how they affect you. These reports are reviewed in comparison.
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